Niall Naessens


Niall Naessens has been printmaking for nearly two decades, his passion being the medium of etching. Naessens' technical approach to printmaking is traditional, as little has changed in technique from the time of Goya and Rembrandt. Brandon Etchings is the first body of prints made by him since moving to Brandon in West Kerry in 2004.


Niall Naessens' new etchings deal with the local landscape. Brandon offers dramatic sea and mountain views but, since settling and adopting the parishioners outlook, Naessens is interested in the smaller more intimate view. He has zoomed into tight details conveying a sense of townland and locality. Naessens is an habitual notebook keeper and his Brandon notebooks are the source of his portrait of the neighbourhood. From his observations he uses many intaglio techniques on several copper plates to build up the dense crisp images that form the principal series of etchings in this show.