Veronika Kladnakova


My creative life has become who I am. I have a Master's Degree in Landscape Ecology from Brno University in the Czech Republic and studied art informally. Art came to me naturally as did my own style and a strong need for self expression.

My main influences are the Czech Cubist Josef Capek and my huge love of the landscape. This has led to my own style of abstract painting, of movement and geometry in nature. Currently I am working with oils on canvas but I am constantly in the process of experimenting with different ideas and media. In my new collection, the focus is on relationships, friends, people and their unique energies.

I exhibited my paintings in Cockleshell Gallery in Duncannon last summer and in The Muse Gallery in Wexford during Wexford Opera Festival in autumn 2009.

Since I moved to Ireland, I have not stopped painting! I live in Dunmore East, and it is impossible for me to resist the freedom of my own creative process here.

I am at the beginning of my life as an artist. I am very excited to have found my calling and consider my creativity to be the evolving centre of my life.