Robert Ryan



“Between Worlds” is Robert Ryan’s solo exhibition at Art Upstairs’ Wexford Gallery for Wexford Opera Festival 2009. The official opening by Robert Hayes, Gallery Director of Cherry LAne Fine Arts, will take place on Saturday 24th October at 3.00pm and all are welcome!


.Robert Ryan was born in Limerick and graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 1987 and after working for a few years in London and Copenhagen he returned in 1994, to his family home on the shores of Lough Gur in County Limerick, where he has his studio.


Robert has had many solo shows; most recently at Hallward Gallery in Dublin and The Hunt Museum in Limerick; including two in Wexford during Wexford Opera Festival. His most recent exhibition in County Wexford was in the Norman Gallery in the Summer of 2009. This is his second exhibition at Art Upstairs, His first was “Two Worlds” in 2006.


Robert's work was exhibited in “The Festival of the Masters” in Florida and in “Made in Ireland” in Shanghai as well as exhibiting in Denmark and Germany. Robert has regularly shown in major annual exhibitions like the Oireachtais, R.H.A., R.U.A., Iontas, E.V.A. and Eigse. He has exhibited in several countries and his work is in many public and private collections. His work is represented by the Hallward Gallery, Dublin, the Cherry Lane Fine Arts, Co. Wicklow and the John Martin Gallery, London.


Robert lives in historic Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, where he grew up: a unique environment that is a constant source of inspiration for his evocative images. The lake and

surrounding area is steeped in archaeological evidence of settlements from pre-Celtic times and this history. Robert combines his understanding of his home place and its culture with the many very different cultures he has experienced in his extensive travels and journeys across all the continents but particularly those in South America. All of these influences  and inspirations combine in the making of his mythical, evocative and allegorical landscapes. Throughout his travels he has been intrigued by the many eco-systems he has encountered, by the way in which all living things interact, and by how we value that fact. 


“I sometimes work till the break of dawn. The hours of darkness, silence and stillness almost feel timeless, infinite. My images are of a universal landscape where generic creatures (as if in limbo) wander in search of sanctuary or wait in exile like lost souls.”


Robert Ryan is a superb painter with a keen eye for all that is around him both in the natural world and in the world of painting. His paintings have an intensity that make the viewer return to them time and time again. Often his generic creatures seem to be searching or waiting, with a sense of loss or foreboding but at other times they seem to observe in great wonder at the  most ordinary things in the world - a cloud passing, a bird flying overhead. The overall feel of every Robert Ryan exhibition is one of great beauty, a world we know well but one which Robert makes us look at afresh, with new eyes and new feelings