Artist’s Statement

by Laura Gibney

“Born in 1951 in Dublin, I am now a Wexford-based artist who is passionate about painting and art in general. The rugged countryside of the Wexford coastline acts as the catalyst for my work. Almost all my work relates to the landscapes, seascapes, clouds, skies, hills and mountains, cliffs and harbours of the broad South East region. My art and nature are inextricably linked, reminding us that both nature and our own creative natures are precious commodities that must be nurtured and sustained.

I see my work as a process of recognition, conception and rendition. I work mainly in oils, but have produced many other pieces using acrylics, pastels and pencil-work. My oil works are a combination of fine brush work and energetic palette knife work which are interwoven to create both a representational and interpretive image. The initial stage of production is achieved through pencil roughs and digital images which are then worked up and merged to provide the basis for the final painting.

My work mirrors the world around me, and how I view it. I see the artist as a researcher with freedom to speculate. In my work I aim at constructing artistic environments that meaningfully interact with and hopefully engage my viewers. Just as the Internet is rapidly changing life as we have known it, I see my art to date as having the potential to encapsulate the nature of the world that I grew up in. I hope it expresses the play of light on colour and the ruggedness and natural beauty of the images that I have experienced. Perhaps that observation is linked to this stage of my own life, as I have recently expanded my work from traditional representational drawing and painting into a new area as I try to understand and explain the arrival of the new technological age. In this new process I combine electronic/digital composition with oils.

I am a graduate of the College of Art and Design in Dublin and have over 30 experience as a second-level art teacher and illustrator.”