Jennifer Ribbe


Jennifer Ribbe was born in 1972 on Long Island, New York.   From an early age drawing and painting became a necessary part of survival in her life , to circumvent her surroundings. By the age of 15 Ribbe enrolled in the Huntington School of Fine Arts where she quickly learned how to channel her energy into something positive, learning the fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpture. Her escape became her passion.


Ribbe applied to one college, the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, for illustration. During the next four years she was awarded several grants toward her education and chosen for several school shows.   She also obtained a place among eight other students in an empirical honors course called Graphics, which introduced and integrated computers into academics. Upon graduation in 1994 Ribbe achieved magna cum lade and received the Antonio Lopez Scholarship Award.


Continuing her training, Ribbe relocated to California, where she studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for the following year only to return to New York City in fall 1995 to start her first professional job as a graphics designer for a multi-million-dollar company in the garment industry.


By the time she was 25 Ribbe had worked her way to an Art Director position leading a team of graphic designers. Working up to 80 hours a week in the corporate world, she

still painted at night to calm her nerves. Running out of storage space in her apartment, a friend suggested she submit a few of her paintings to a gallery for review.   This was a turning point for Ribbe and her passion for painting. By the time she was 26 she had successfully launched her first solo gallery show and left her garment industry career in behind.


By the fall of 2001 Ribbe and her husband came across a 100-year-old country bungalow on Long Island . The large piece of property included a beautiful house with a detached garage, which originally served as a one-horse stable .   The couple saw its potential immediately. They soon closed on the home and began a five-year journey of restoration and landscaping. The most significant change was converting the stable to a fully equipped studio where Ribbe works year round.


Ribbe specializes in large-scale art, painting in traditional oils with a modern touch. She believes in pushing the medium to its limits and never shies away from new and exciting ways to utilize the canvas. Driven by a need for peace and serenity, she focuses on floras, letting her emotions escape with the use of vivid color and dramatic composition.


Her work has been commissioned by both the private and corporate collectors and currently hangs throughout the United States, Canada, England and Ireland.