Una W Keeley


When I work with images I am reminded of how the generation of meaning is both a natural and spontaneous reaction in humans. I am reminded of how we construct narratives in order to explain our visual surroundings. The ability to create worlds and scenarios from the imagination and manifest them on canvas fascinates me


For me, painting is a process of befriending imagination in a fluid and spontaneous juxtaposing of symbols and images.


I begin with the colour black for visual depth, pulling shapes from the dark and shining light on them. The painting proceeds in a series of layers, built on a solid textured surface. Each layer built upon the previous one, with additional colours and symbols emerging to affect the overall harmony of the work.


Each painting holds the potential for multiple levels of meaning. For me a successful painting is one that continues to capture my interest long after I have finished painting. While exploring the painting I am pulled beyond my own personal narrative. A successful painting inspires me to create the next piece.


The works on exhibit explore a variety of themes. In them I have allowed myself to experiment playfully, combining real and imaginary landscapes; inspired by events in my own life... setting up home... returning to college.