Alan Boyle makes exquisite ceramic pieces, in raw and coloured stoneware, influenced by ancient Irish art and the Irish landscape along with influences from Japan, Egypt and other ancient cultures of the world. His work is constantly evolving as he experiments with new techniques. Other influences include Dali, Klimt, Durer and Patrick Scott.

The pieces range from large wall-mounted pieces to the most delicate freestanding bowls and vessels. There are many recurring motifs in Alan’s work - full and crescent moons, delicate single leafs and narrrow winding and angular branches, glimpses of Japanese buildings and patterns, rich coloured flowers (native and Eastern).

Alan’s ceramics are at times rich and highly detailed and again they are the essence of simplicity -  a single shape against a plain background. His colours range from rich reds and browns to wonderful blues and greens and at times he leaves the stoneware in its raw fired state - a wonderful biscuit white. Another outstanding feature of Alan’s ceramics are his use of gold - sometimes a large, full, gold moon will cover almost the whole surface and at other times it will be a single, narrow gold leaf that sings out from a range of other colours.   

Alan Boyle qualified as a graphic designer from the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin in 1986 and that training often shows itself in his clean lines and perfect ability to make just the right mark or shape in the right place. Alan was one of the first Irish ceramicists to use coloured glass as a feature in his work and his glass flower patterns work magnificently against the raw stoneware. Alan's philosophy is that ceramics are not just visual but also tactile and he encourages people to feel the form and texture of his work. Alan Boyle's work is regularly exhibited at Art Upstairs' Wexford gallery and in its Rosslare Gallery


Winter Solstice

Ceramic by Alan Boyle